Woooo ten of these!  Woo, I say.

Amy is doing school related things at the school where she works and I am preparing dinner.  I am preparing quiche which is probably the most complicated single dish that I personally can prepare with any degree of success.  Here, let me share with you my recipe in the form of a chatlog with AN UNNAMED GUEST HOST:

GUEST HOST: how are you?
adam: i’m well, you?
adam: making quiche
GUEST HOST: i’m okay
adam: like a boss
GUEST HOST: nice!!!
GUEST HOST: i’ve never made quiche on my own before :S
GUEST HOST: it’s so good. why haven’t i made it?
adam: it is so easy
GUEST HOST: do you make your own crust?
adam: you take a 9″ pie crust
adam: pft no
adam: i can’t be doing that
adam: it is beyond me
GUEST HOST: that’s where i get stuck
GUEST HOST: i’m not good at pie crust
adam: see i just buy the crusts
adam: they come right there in the pie plate even
GUEST HOST: and i can’t bring myself to buy them because i know i SHOULD be making them myself
adam: pft
adam: pfffffffft i say
GUEST HOST: i know
adam: you are denying yourself
adam: quiche
GUEST HOST: my stupid biases are keeping me from quiche.
adam: which is like the third or fourth best egg thing
adam: and certainly the most complicated one i can make
GUEST HOST: i do heart eggs.
adam: so basically
adam: what you do
adam: is get a 9″ pie crust BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY
adam: you cook up some fillings
adam: like vegetables
adam: maybe some bacon
adam: get something like 1.5-2 cups of this stuff cooked up
adam: just in a frying pan or whatever
adam: then get a bowl
adam: crack 4 eggs into it
adam: add some maybe cream if you’ve got it
adam: if not no worris
adam: *worries
adam: maybe a little cream cheese
adam: blend that up
adam: or beat it with a fork
adam: then tip in your cooked stuff
GUEST HOST: yummy cream cheeeeeeeeeese
adam: blend it some more with a fork
adam: add some spices
adam: to taste like
adam: grate in some cheese
adam: pour that crap in the pie crust
adam: bam
adam: 45 minutes at 350
adam: or until a knife/toothpick into the middle comes out clean
GUEST HOST: maybe i will be brave enough to try that tomorrow
adam: let stand 10 minutes IF YOU CAN STAND THE SUSPENS
adam: e
adam: then slice/dice/consume
GUEST HOST: i could try, but lets face it… if it works, i’ll just have to have a burnt tongue
adam: that is the price one pays for success
adam: actually the 10 minutes is to let it like congeal or some crap i dunno
GUEST HOST: yeah that makes sense
adam: this is basically going to form tomorrow’s post
adam: you are like
adam: guest host

So that is pretty much the size of it!  I chopped up onion, mushrooms and peppers, sautéed them in a little bit of Greek salad dressing and baked the whole thing for a while.  When Amy gets home we will see how successful it is. My hypothesis: AWESOME.

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