Today was Amy’s introduction to the concept of steampunk.  The short version (for those who don’t know) is: a bunch of people who wish the fashions of the 1890s had never died and that all the advances in technology since about that time had been made with steam or clockwork rather than electricity and internal combustion engines.  The longer answer is here.  There are all sorts of pages devoted to this rather anachronistic hobby.  Jake Von Slatt makes some pretty neat stuff, as does Datamancer (seriously check out just about all of his stuff.  The man is insanely talented).

I myself have a fairly mild case of the condition.  I like to write with fountain pens and I wish I could get away with wearing a fedora out of the house on a regular basis.  I also dug a typewriter out of the basement at work in order to carry on correspondence.

make me feel so bright