Today is the kind of day where I am lazy and ask people I know (and those who I don’t know) to do my job for me! At the suggestion of my baby sister, I am running a caption contest for the above comic. There are even prizes! Two prizes! Exclamation points!

1st place: An original comic of your choice OR if it’s one of the ones that doesn’t have an original (it’s in a notebook, I’ve lost it, did it digitally, etc. etc.) you get TWO high quality prints of your choice. Or if you like, you can write a comic, I’ll draw it and send you that. In any case, you’ll get to see how small I actually draw.

2nd place: A high quality print of your choice.

This is open to everybody all around the world and the winner will be selected by a totally subjective judge (me). You enter by posting a caption in the comments section below and you can enter a bunch of different captions if you like. Entries will be accepted for a week (until 11:59pm EST, November 24th, 2011). Tell your friends!

if you find yourself falling apart