What a nice day for a walk it was today. I went for a walk and a sit in the park to read a book! I just got Parker: The Hunter and Parker: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke, one of my very favourite graphic novelists/comic book artists. You should read them! Maybe you can borrow mine when I’m done.

In comics-related news, I was working on picking up all five issues of Marvel’s summer time mini series about The Mystery Men but my local shop didn’t buy the fourth issue and probably won’t get the fifth in, either. Would somebody please go to their local and buy issue four for me? I’ll pay for it and shipping via Paypal and send you back a drawing. Drop me a line via one of the many contact methods linked on the left side.

In non-comics-related news, BM and The Voids who I mentioned yesterday, have an album called “Making Light” which comes out on October 18. You can check out their first single “Misconception” right here or possibly right here (not sure if embedding will work):
Misconception by 8ohmsoul

ain’t i cute?