Some of my little people look like they are wearing dresses.  This is one of those ones.

I just updated the Information page with a bunch of um.. information.  Specifically, I explained my policy about sharing my work which is: go for it!  Please go ahead and share it with people on your blog or twitter or whatever.  I am also okay with people printing the comics off to put up in their cubicles or office or farm equipment stores (yes, this has actually happened).  If you buy a print, they come on high quality paper, they’re signed and I put in a handwritten or type-written note.  I would ask that if you post them someplace else, please leave the URL on them and tell people where you got it by linking back.

If you’re wanting to include them in a publication that is actually for money (either online or on paper) please email me so we can discuss it.  I will probably have no problem with that but I would like to discuss it first.  Similarly, if you see somebody knocking off my stuff someplace, please let me know.  Not that I’m going to go all copyright insane on somebody, I just like to know what my stuff is up to.

listen for a while