There were 13 entries for the CD and drawing giveaway, one of which was 9 minutes before the deadline (good job, Ben).  I have helpfully numbered them for reference:

it's basically the fellowship of the CD, 13 for luck

Harnessing the power of atmospheric noise via, we have the following:

Hooray! Myra Tallman (distant relation to Andy Tallman and BY TOTAL COINCIDENCE my aunt-in-law) has won the thing!  Hooray!  If you really had your heart set on winning a copy of the EP, all is not lost. Andy is giving away a copy to celebrate the re-launching of and you can enter in a bunch of ways there.  Thank you to everybody who entered and I think I will probably do some more draws at some future date.  Aunt Myra, if you could let me know what you’d like a picture of, I can get started.

weird noises