This started out in February 2009 as an attempt to do a piece of short writing or a drawing every single day, primarily to see if I could.  It was originally called musings but was properly renamed Bad Comics on November 11, 2009 because that’s what I most enjoy doing.  To reflect the changing nature of what I was doing with it, I then renamed it The Department of Bespoke Illustration because it had move beyond only comics and into design/art work.  Peticanoe came along because DBI was far and away too long a site name.

Please feel free to share comics via Livejournal, Twitter, printing them and putting them up in your office, whatever you like!  I would ask that you leave the URL on it and tell people where it comes from.  If you want to include it in something that is money related (articles, compilations, books, what-have-you), please get in touch with me and we’ll talk about it.

Prints are on 8.5×11 high-quality paper, suitable for framing, and they come signed with a hand-written or type-written note (depending on where I am when I write it).

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