Every now and again I am struck by how small a world it is.  One of my friends went to school with (and tutored) the guitarist from the Rheostatics.  My boss manages to have some kind of personal connection with just about every client we have.  He’s either related to a friend of theirs, or occasionally to them, or grew up with their neighbour or something.  I, on the other hand, connect with almost nobody.For whatever reason, I am some kind of black hole of personal connections.  I was in Waterloo  last weekend and went for a walk in Conestoga Mall.  I saw nobody I recognized (though I did see some Mennonites buying a cell phone, which always cracks me up).  I realize that there are a couple of hundred thousand people who live in KW but somehow I manage never to see any who I recognize.  I lived there for about 20 years.  I wonder if anybody else has this.  It seems that when I’m out with people they are constantly seeing old friends or business acquaintances.  I remember reading somewhere (and I cannot remember the source) that there are only 200 real people in the world and they all know each other.

It appears that I am not one of the select.

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