Just doing a bit of a clearout of some ideas and open tabs here.  From time to time I’ll post a few things that I’m reading or considering and maybe you’ll read or consider them as well.

Wondermark – This is one of my favourite webcomics.  David Malki! is a terribly funny guy and I love the style of his comic.  Last night I spent nearly an hour watching him write the latest comic.  He’s even funnier while actually working on it than the comic itself.  He updates pretty regularly.  As he said last night:  “Wondermark: 491 cries for help, all unanswered”

I’ve been using Twitter quite a bit lately.  I never really thought I would get into microblogging (as it is apparently called) but then again, I didn’t really ever plan to have a daily updated blog and here we are.  I’m following a bunch of different webcomic writers, some notable bloggers (Stephen Fry and Wil Wheaton among them) and a number of my imaginary friends picked up from various forums (fora?) over the past few years.  I’m really interested to see what people find important enough to mention in 140 or fewer characters.  To access Twitter, I use either the web interface or Spaz.  It just sits quietly on my desktop and occasionally tosses up something funny or informative.  One of the primary reasons I like it is because it’s a medium that lends it self to short snippets and I like to have a short break from what I’m doing rather than getting pulled away to read a 200+ word post or watch a video on YouTube or whatever.

Something from several years ago (during college, I think) that still gives me a chuckle is Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About.  It’s a whole bunch of stories of varying lengths written by an Englishman who’s been living with his German girlfriend for several years.  Some of it is kind of heartwarming, some distressing but primarily it’s pretty funny.  He’s written several books as well (of which we own or used to own a couple) but that’s the work of his that I enjoy the most.

In unrelated to any of the above news, I am having a slight issue with my laptop.  Whenever I’m doing anything involving the optical disc drive, everything else goes all choppy.  I have a Dell Vostro 2510 (red and oh, so pretty) and as far as I can tell, it’s got enough guts to handle both burning a DVD and playing back music, but so far no dice.  Dell’s not really into regular releases of compatible drivers (the video driver is several months old and the Nvidia site specifically says for Vostro owners not to install the standard driver package) so I think it may be something to do with drivers.  It’s not as though it’s spiking the CPU or eating all my RAM or anything.

Oh and since I was asked about it, the italicized words at the end of posts are not really links to anything.  They’re song lyrics and you can hover your mouse over them to see the song title and artis.

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