I’ve dropped the ‘new’ from the weekly music exposure post.  It’s not usually really new (last week’s certainly wasn’t and neither is this week’s) but it may be new to you.  This week I’m featuring Susan Tedeschi.

We went and saw her play live, opening for The Blind Boys of Alabama with Chad & Bonnie.  I’d never been to see a blues show before so I didn’t really know what to expect.  She has an incredible, throaty voice and plays her Telecaster like few people I’ve ever seen.  She puts an amazing amount of soul into both her singing and playing.  After we saw her, I went and bought one of her CDs (something I only rarely do).  I’d like to share some of her stuff with you today.

One of the best parts of seeing her play was the pianist in her backing band.  He was a fantastic showman in addition to being an extremely talented piano player. 

Angel from Montgomery is a cover.

She’s married to Derek Trucks of the Derek Trucks Band and sometime member of the Allman Brothers Band.  Here they are together doing Little By Little, the title track of the album that I bought.  I wasn’t able to embed that video, unfortunately.  Watch the drummer at about 4:24 of that video and see if you can manage to keep from smiling.

This last isn’t really a video but it’s her covering a Led Zeppelin song and I happen to like Led Zeppelin.

been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time

update:  Figured out how to embed the videos for your convenience.