Tonight over dinner we were using many an adjective.  Glen and James are here for the evening as they are both teaching short courses at Amy’s school and it’s a long way to drive from Waterloo.  The rice was described as ‘glutinous.’Amy got a rice cooker for Christmas (possibly birthday, I forget).  It is super handy.  We’ve developed a taste for japanese-style sticky rice.  If it sits for more than ten minutes it lives up to its name.  The paddle that came with the cooker is uniquely qualified to separate this glutinous mass.

We also spoke at some length about the current state of the Great Lakes guys’ soccer team.  It is currently at the level of ‘abysmal.’  I think this is due in part to the relatively small size of the school and the fact that few cuts are able to be made.  My theory goes along these lines:  School of 100 = abysmal.  School of 140 = terrible.  School of 170 = merely atrocious.  I have a good feeling that the soccer team will make ‘terrible’ in the next few years.

i’m stuck in the T.A.R.D.I.S.