I came across this via a Lifehacker article and it’s super handy.  Marxio Timer is a very, very flexible and useful timer.  It’s pretty much what Windows Scheduler ought to have been.  I’ve heard it compared to cron for Linux but I’ve never used it.

I’ve used it for a couple of things.  We’ve been listening (as previously noted) to the Narnia stories as we fall asleep and I didn’t want the computer sitting on all night.  I set it up to put the computer on Hibernate after an hour which worked like a charm.

Due to a sick day today, Amy wanted the alarm turned off so I made a bit of a change.  I set the laptop up so it wouldn’t power down overnight and used the ‘resume playback’ feature of Songbird with Radiohead’s OK Computer as the playlist.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other uses I can find for it.

i’m amazed that i survived