Late last week I was able to track down a copy of a song that I hadn’t heard in about 13 years.  That’s nearly half my life not having heard this particular song.  It is available streaming online for you to hear!

This is not the exact version of this song that I am familiar with but it should give you a pretty good idea.  I was given the Moxy Früvous promotional tape for Christmas in 1992.  I think it was the first pre-recorded music that I personally owned.  The promo tape had the same songs on both sides and all but Green Eggs & Ham were re-released on the Bargainville CD (which I got in 1993 and it was the first CD I owned).  In about 1995 I taped over both sides of the original promo tape (when one was 14 in the mid-90’s, usable tapes were a valuable commodity) and thus have not heard GE&H for a good long while.  I managed to track down a copy of it that some kind soul recorded from the promo tape at a surprisingly high quality.

As with most things from when one is quite young, I spent several years being embarrassed for having liked them in the past.  Recently though, I have come to really enjoy their tight harmonies and the playful way they perform.  I really wish I had seen them live. Jian Ghomeshi is on CBC’s Q and has become quite a talented interviewer and broadcaster.

Here are a few more of their songs:

There are a couple versions of most of these running around, all with subtle variations.


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