This week we will turn the all-hearing ear of the Internet to The Cowboy Junkies.  They have been around since the mid-80’s and have a sort of folk/rock/blues thing going on.  Here is a song you’ve probably heard if you have seen Natural Born Killers.  It’s a cover of a Lou Reed/Velvet Underground song.

This video is slightly mis-leading.  The song was actually recorded in the Church of the Holy Trinity (behind the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto).  It’s part of an album called The Trinity Session which was recorded live with one microphone and no over dubs.  The album was recorded in (nearly) one day.  Wikipedia reveals that the lead cut (Mining for Gold) was recorded later on.

One of my favourite songs by them is called Anniversary Song and it is very hard to find online.  You can listen to a short clip of it here.

I have the Trinity Session and Pale Sun Crescent Moon and I prefer the former.  It sounds very much like a group of friends getting together to play some music and inviting one along to listen in.  I’m planning to pick up Trinity Revisited which was released in 2007.  They re-recorded all of the songs with a few guest artists and released it as a CD and DVD package.  This video is from the promotional material for that release and has Natalie Merchant (you may have heard her song Jealousy) on vocals/piano:

This last video is also a song from The Trinity Session.  It’s a woman explaining to her family why she’s going away with this man who they all think is terribly wrong for her.  It’s beautiful and also rather sad.

où est la piscine?