Two quick notes for today.  Yesterday I got some email that was a day late for April Fool’s Day.The first one was EMI’s online news letter that I can’t remember why I signed up for.  At the bottom of the message they have this:

To UNSUBSCRIBE by mail write to:
EMI Music Canada, 3109 American Drive
Misissauga ON, L4V 1B2
ATTN: EMIssion unsubscribe me

That’s right.  You can opt to unsubscribe from an online-only mailing list by sending physical mail.

The second silly, silly email was one from the Windows Live Team.  This came to my hotmail account so it’s fairly understandable.  I didn’t get any further than the subject line:

Speed *is* everything. Get Internet Explorer(R) 8 now!

I’m not sure if this is an contradiction in terms, an oxymoronic statement or just a plain moronic statement.  I tried IE8 for about ten minutes and then went running back to Google Chrome.  I realize that Google is also a company with a bottom line and investors and such but I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks they genuinely like their customers as opposed to Microsoft who sort of tolerates them.  IE8 opens slower than Safari.  I would rather use Opera (which crashes every time I do a search in Google).  I read this subject line, passed it to Luke and had a good chuckle.

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