I would like to highlight the fundamental differences between two very large and popular British bands.  On the one hand, Radiohead and on the other Oasis.

This video is from a show I was at in Toronto in 2003.  I am not exactly clearly visible in the video as it was shot from someplace up on one of the balconies in the Skydome (now Rogers Centre) and I was waaaaaaaaay down on the floor just in front of stage left where Johnny is standing.

Skip ahead to about the 2:25 mark if this is not your kind of music.  Thom Yorke (lead singer) stops the song because he has just seen somebody down on the floor pass out and go down.  He saw the guy from stage and there were 200+ people down there.  He then jumps right back into the song and is actually way more animated after that.  It was all people were talking about on the subway ride back up to Yorkdale.  The man has some phenomenal rockstar powers to see somebody go down like that with stage lights shining in his face.

By contrast, here is a video of Oasis in concert, also from Toronto.

The action starts at about the 55 second mark.  Here it is again from a different angle, roughly the same time line:

There are some pretty fundamental differences here, I feel.  I just can’t quite put my finger on them.

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