This week’s featured artist is very new to me.  White Rabbits hail from New York and I was directed their way by Monoxide, a friend from IRC and the PA forums.  They have a new album coming out on the 19th of May called It’s Frightening.  I was able to catch part of an early release version and I rather liked what I heard.

The first single already has a video.  It is called “Percussion Gun” and here it is for you via Pitchfork:

I haven’t been listening to their stuff for long but I rather like it.  There is sort of a mix of Sloan and Muse going on.  Kind of disparate but they make it work.

Their first album is called Fort Nightly and it has the song The Plot:

I think I may have caught this on The Edge’s Indie Hour.  I am kind of a sucker for vocal harmonies (thus Sloan).  They’re touring across the US until August this year (no Canadian dates as of yet but I think they would be worth seeing).  I have read that they are similar to Spoon (though that doesn’t mean a lot to me, I can’t even name a Spoon song off the top of my head but it may help you).

This is a live version of one of the songs from Fort Nightly.  The intro piano is absolutely fantastic and then things move into a driving rock sort of thing.


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