I haven’t really run into any new music in the last couple of weeks (thus last week’s commentary on Oasis instead of new music), so I’ve decided to put Music Mondays on indefinite hold.  I will probably still feature music now and again but it will be an irregular thing.  I finished re-tagging and re-organizing my personal music library (roughly 4200 songs, 21.1 GB +/-) today and it’s in the process of re-synchronizing between my various computers (via Live Mesh).  I’ve got 142MB so far!

I tried my luck at the blood donor clinic again tonight.  I worked really hard yesterday and today at hydrating but alas.  They got enough out of me that I can’t donate for eight weeks but not enough to actually be useful.  Additionally, they tried to use a surface vein and so I’ll have a lovely big bruise.  I’m starting to think that I may need to find new and different ways to serve my community.  Perhaps some volunteer work.

Apologies for the brief, incoherent post today.  My mind is doing peculiar things which I would like to blame on loss of blood but unfortunately cannot.

i don’t need attitude