Amy and I have lived at a pretty fair number of places since we’ve been married.  There was one 12 month period in which we had five different addresses.  We went Guelph->Beamsville->St. Catharines->Beamsville Apt.->Beamsville Townhouse.  This is far, far too many moves for that short a period of time and so we stayed in the townhouse for 4 years (+/-) until we bought our current place.

The place we lived in Guelph was pretty rough.  It was just outside of the downtown core (which is really, really nice) and looked to have been created by about 4 rowhouses being chopped up into about 6 apartments.  We had a second floor two-bedroom.

One of our downstairs neighbours invited us over for a Bob Marley party, which we politely declined.  It turned out to be him and a couple of friends doing a weed smoking marathon that started late afternoon one day and I’m pretty sure carried on until the following evening.  A 24-hour-plus chiefathon.  This was, if I recall correctly, winter, so we had to decide whether we wanted all of our stuff to smell of ganja until further notice or if we preferred to freeze to death.

On Valentines Day, Amy came home from school to find two heart-shaped cookies hanging from our doorknob.  She thought it was a local bakery doing a promotion, ate one of the cookies and saved the other for me.  A couple days later, the same weedy neighbour asked if we had enjoyed the cookies which at this point were much too digested-and-already-excreted to spit out.

He dearly loved the song The Reason by Hoobastank.  He loved it so much he would play it on repeat, very loudly, for hours at a time.  There was one memorable day where he drove up to the house with it blaring on his car stereo.  He went into the house and put it on in there.  The song ended and went onto something else.  He skipped back to listen to it again (at least once), then went out to his car and skipped back to the beginning again.  I really would like to believe that he was trying to learn it for a talent show or as a cover band singer or something but I think he maybe just liked the song that much.  It reminds me of mainstream radio’s love affair with Nickelback.  We were very pleased to move away from him.  I can’t remember his name off-hand but we’re pretty sure it was one of those one-syllable, popped-collar, fratboy-ish names like Brad or Jake or something.

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