This idea came courtesy of Amy probably because it’s quarter past twelve and she would really like me to stop typing.  Here is a list of things about which I do not know very much:

  1. Runes
    Apart from the fact that they’re sort of like stick figures of letters, I have got nothing on these.
  2. Animal Husbandry
    Speaks for itself, really.  There is a boy cow and a girl cow and after that things get fuzzy.
  3. Care of Oilcloth Hats
    No idea where to start, even.
  4. Airline Safety Procedures
    I don’t even know where the exits are.
  5. Ermine Safety Procedures
    See above.
  6. Bomb Building
    This one is basically just an attempt to increase my search engine hits.
  7. Bee Keeping
    I wouldn’t even know how big of a jar one would need.  Bees live in jars, right?
  8. Tapestry Weaving
    Also in this category, tapioca weaving and rug hooking, neither of which deserve their own bullets.
  9. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
    Really nobody knows much about this.
  10. Fletching
    Sure there are feathers but what kind and how does one even attach them?
  11. Public Transit in Indonesia
    There are like 1,000 islands and surely they don’t have amphibious buses to all of them.
  12. Pastry Making
    I know that it’s delicious and really, that’s all I need to know (I am deliberately not making a need/knead pun here and I’ll thank you to avoid it as well).
  13. Diaper Changing
    Every now and then Amy says something to the effect of “You’re 27 and you still haven’t changed a diaper?” and then she threatens to make me learn on some poor child who’s never done anything to harm me.
  14. Tailoring
    Needles tend to bite me.
  15. Photograph Developing
    Unless we’re talking Polaroid, I am totally at sea.
  16. Non-Euclidean Geometry
    How many dimensions do you people think we need, anyway?

we’ll be alright