Note: This is a partial reconstruction of the lost post from Friday and as such contains mixed flavours of irritation, desperation and annoyance and should be handled with caution.

As noted on Wednesday, I took our dilapidated old ceiling fan and light fixture down earlier in the week to make room for new things.  Part of the impetus for this irresponsible and potentially dangerous course of action was the fabulous redecorating of our entire kitchen.

Amy noticed the horrible teacup border in the kitchen the very first time we toured the house and has harboured a not-to-secret hatred for it in her heart of hearts ever since.  It was the first casualty.  We picked up wall paper remover at Rona in Grimsby on Sunday.  There were two different kinds on offer.  The guy from the paint desk pointed to the one that was $28 and said, “That’s ridiculously expensive.  This $2 stuff works just as well,” so we bought that.  It is refreshing when a sales clerk a) knows anything and b) suggests a less expensive option, not that we were going to spend $28 on wallpaper remover in any case.

For some reason, our kitchen ceiling paint was bubbly in some very weird ways.  We spent most of Monday night scraping it off and then filling the cavernous fissures that resulted.  I tried sanding the edges of the paint first but to no avail.  When I got home from work on Tuesday, the filler had dried enough that sanding was a possibility.  A 3”x8” sanding pad on a stick was insufficient to my needs so I made full use of a palm sander with fair-to-good results.  Amy painted the ceiling with some stuff that goes on pink and dries to white which is frickin’ magical to my mind.

My mum and sister came down Wednesday and Thursday to paint with Amy while I was at work.  They got two coats on and we have firmly established that painters’ tape is a marketing gimmick.  The paint tends to adhere more firmly to the tape than to the wall so removal of the tape (even when using a knife to score the edge) results in a thin strip of whatever colour was there before around the edges of all of the freshly painted room.  The trim around the window had no tape applied (it will be repainted tomorrow) and is remarkably free of blue paint.  The colour is really rich and extremely different from the sort of purplish grey-brown that was there before.

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