When I got home last night we decided it was a good night to have our more-or-less weekly date night as we are going to a work-related function on Saturday night.  Amy wanted to get a haircut so we drove into St. Catharines and decided en route where we would go.  We ended up at the Cat’s Caboose on Glenridge Avenue (sidebar: they have an absolutely fantastic website that I had not previously visited).

It is a very roadhouse/bar looking sort of place (apparently the Jagermeisterrettes were going to be there sometime later Thursday than we were there, which gives you an idea of the calibre for which they aim) though there is a more traditional-restaurant-looking dining area to one side where the music is not so loud and there aren’t as many TVs.  There is a live jazz group (sometimes trio, sometimes up to a quintet) on Saturday afternoons/early evenings and live bands later on Saturdays.  The decor and ambiance would not lead one to credit the food too much but appearances are (as they often can be) deceiving.

They have one of the most varied menus of any restaurant I’ve ever visited.  Priced comparably to Kelsey’s or Boston Pizza (actually a bit cheaper than either), they tend toward what I think of as ‘generic restaurant’ food, not associated with any particular culture or cuisine.  They have 13 sandwiches, 5 burgers and a couple kinds of wraps but also steak, fajitas in several varieties, pasta, salads and a ridiculously full page of appetizers.  As I said, a very varied variety (that particular alliteration is a lot of fun to say) and extremely reasonable prices.  They have fajitas for between $10.99 and $12.99 and I think most places start at $14.99 and tend upward.

Amy had the Roadhouse Roadkill Cajun Chicken sandwich (though she asked for and received the substitution of a wrap for bread) with Chicken Gumbo soup as a side ($8.99) and I had a Paris Chicken sandwich (chicken, apple slices and Brie which I chose because I wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous.  I find it interesting how much my tastes have changed in that a sandwich with fancy cheese and apple slices is my “boring” option. Also it was $9.99) with a side of fries.  Both of Amy’s dishes were slightly spicy.  Not a “perspiring while eating’ kind of spicy but they had some bite.  I really enjoyed my sandwich (though it was full of what seemed to be shredded lettuce mixed with mayonnaise.  Tasty but a strange texture and appearance) and the portions were very good.  I’m sure they have their fries supplied but they are quite crisp and not particularly heavy.

Our server, Alistair (not making that up) was very attentive and quite friendly.  Overall it was a sterling example of an independent restaurant making up in quality, service and value what it lacked in national radio and television advertising campaigns.  I think we’ve now been there three or four times and I recommend it highly.