This evening for dinner, Amy prepared a really, really tasty new sauce comprised of peanut butter, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, rice vinegar, soy sauce and some other stuff.  She found it via Baking and Books (dot com) and you can find the full recipe right here.  Be aware: the sauce/noodle ratio is all messed up.  If you make it the way they say it will be a bit more like soup.  We made about 2x the amount of noodles it calls for there but that was not enough.  The sauce ratios were all cattywampus so we made some more noodles (totaling about 2x the recipe) and found that to be just right (I was calling the newspapers with both phones).  It is also highly tasty to eat warm.  The noodles of choice were Udon noodles which are basically my very very favourite kind of noodle in the world.  If they are unfamiliar to you, they’re kind of a thick wheat-based noodle that is a bit chewy and you can probably get some at your local grocer’s Asian foods section.

Another best thing is gnocchi.  It is apparently technically potato dumplings but it is usually offered in the pasta section of most grocery stores and on restaurant menus.  I would call it probably my favourite or next-to-favourite starch.  The best sauce I have had for gnocchi is a rosé vodka sauce though I cannot remember where I had it.  Probably at an Italian restaurant of some description.

I had a third thing all lined up in my brain to add here because good things often come in threes.  I can’t for the life of me recall what it was so I will go with… tuna.  Tuna is pretty alright, though probably not the best (unless one happens to be a tuna in which case hello and how did you develop opposable thumbs capable of using the space bar and also cognizance of the English language.  I, for one, welcome our new fishy overlords).  AS IT TURNS OUT  Tuna are some of the best things after all.

in the right light you look like shackleton