Population: several.  Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading or perusing or generally enjoying lately.

The Art of Manliness – This site is all about redefining in a very clear way what it means to be a man in the post-modern era.  There are articles on a great many diverse subject including the gamut from obtaining a close shave to manly ways to grieve.  The most recent article of theirs that I read was on the paradox of choice and discussed how committing to one particular course of action by necessity excludes others.

Being the type of extraordinarily nit-picky grammar jerk that I am, I am thoroughly enjoying the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.  I will often mistreat a comma very terribly and I have only recently come to the correct use of semicolons but I am pretty good at quotation marks and that is a long, long list of people who aren’t.  Here is a tip: don’t use quotation marks for emphasis.  Ever.

Though I am not really in IT or web design or really even a telecommuter, I find WebWorkerDaily to have the occasionally very insightful article or very useful tip.  Every now and again they’ll feature a piece of software that just about exactly fits a need that was not fully formed in my mind or some kind of strategy for staying on task that hadn’t occurred to me.  Their primary audience seems to be people who work in computers but anybody who works with computers even in passing will probably find something handy every now and again.

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