Today we took the students to the CN Tower, a place I had never really been (apart from the old Tour of the Universe moving theatre ride they had back in the early 90s).  It is pretty tall from the ground but once one actually ascends, it doesn’t seem all that high up.  I certainly wouldn’t want to fall off of the thing (the second worst part would be how long one would have to contemplate the impending contact with the ground.  The worst thing would be the contact itself) but I sort of half-expected it to feel higher.  I think the fact that I have been in three storey apartment buildings with significantly longer elevator rides and wait times probably contributes somewhat.

In the plaza below the tower (and specifically below the glass floor which is awesome) there are several large X shapes.  Amy thought they looked like targets.  I forgot to go and look to see what they were when we got down.  Probably targets.  Comparing the experience to the Empire State Building, I think I prefer the ESB.  Part of that was that New York has a certain mystique that I have long since misplaced for Toronto.  When I am confronted on a more or less daily basis with the vagaries and irritations of the people of Toronto, I feel that I know the place almost too well.

A more significant part of the difference is that I was in NYC at night (and with my wife alone rather than with a dozen students), and I was able to get a picture like these:

sup, flatiron building

sup, flatiron building

I just realized that I made almost this exact post in August but that is okay because I didn’t talk about the CN Tower that day.

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