I am a man of many hobbies.  Almost too many because they tend to get in the way of each other and when I’m involved in one I am often thinking of the other.  There are days that I can’t wait to get home and draw some stuff but when I actually get to the point of drawing I think “oh but I should play some guitar” and then in the tuning-up process I will wish to be writing and usually this spirals down into playing videogames and a bit of self-loathing.

Occasionally, though, I will actually generate a complete something.  Most of this stuff has been shared earlier but a couple parts are new or changed and so are, I feel, deserving to be disinterred.

The most recent item of note is the following coloured comic strip.  David Malki ! of Wondermark fame runs a colouring contest every now and again and the winners of said contest get their work published in his collections.  I entered the below item and did not win but I learned a pile about the GIMP and had fun working on it.

looking forward to seeing who won

The previously mentioned Grocery Girl song has actually had music recorded and is available to listen to.  Apparently it has over 1000 plays since Andy posted it.

Finally, here is the slideshow of the forum cartoon battle that I made in the spring.  It’s pretty incoherent!

a picture in reverse