Out of sheer laziness this week, I grew a beard. Most of a beard, anyway. It’s not very long or noticeable. It’s more of a “well, I didn’t shave for 4 straight days and now it would take too long to shave properly so I might as well just tell people it’s a beard.” Slightly more than ‘dirty face,’ nothing like ‘ZZ Top.’

This morning it got to be terribly itchy (which is the point I usually stop growing it) so I decided to shave. But not all at once. I am now the proud (?) bearer of some mean muttonchops. I look like Lemmy from Motorhead or a relatively clean Wolverine. It’s actually super-gross and I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it much longer. I basically shaved an anti-goatee. It has these sort of pointy bits at the bottom and is basically the second or third least attractive facial hair I have ever had. The least attractive was probably the handlebar moustache I sported for about ten minutes while shaving off the last full beard while the second least was the plain moustache I had right after said handlebar. I’m probably going back to cleanshaven sometime this evening and certainly before going to church tomorrow.