I have a new desktop background that came via the blog of a friend of a friend who does drawings.

Here is a dog – A Charm of Magpies.

I watched the Grammys last night at Caley’s house with the majority of the 20’s/30’s crew.  Coldplay and Radiohead were highlights (though it was really just Johnny and Thom and a marching band).  Lowlights included virtually the entire rest of the show, particularly M.I.A. wearing some sort of polkadotted see-through thing (which was made even worse by the fact that yesterday was her due date so she was ultra-pregnant) and I will not even start about the Katy Perry debacle.  It was pretty dumb/gross/wrong/pop music.  Well done to Robert Plant for picking up album of the year, though.  I shall try to give some of his new stuff a listen.