I have a condition that Amy refers to as “Furniture A.D.D.” wherein about every 3 months or so, I rearrange one (or, frequently, more) rooms.  I just get to a point where I need change and change comes quickly.

This is what our basement looked like when we moved in:

Basment - Before

Basment - Before

It’s terribly 70’s.  The panelling is a rich faux pine with white-painted upper half.  The ceiling tile  has a sort of dimpled effect and the tiles appear to be adhered directly to the joists above.  The only word that truly fits the space is “rumpus room.”

See that shelf?  That shelf is my nemesis right now.  It is my reason for anger.

Sunday morning I decided that it was der tag.  That shelf and its associated half-wall had to go.  Primarily because as a result of that half-wall, our couch is situated in such a way that we have to sit in a line and crane our necks to the right to watch TV on my computer monitor.  Tear down the wall!

The shelving section came out relatively easy.  It’s difficult for 30+ year old tinder-dry lumber to argue with a 16oz. framing hammer.  It’s actually difficult for virtually anything to argue with such a piece of equipment.  At least, not for long.  The bottom-most section appears to have been (at some point in its life) a kind of planter.  It came off first.  Then the dowels and associated horizontals.

All that was left was  a knee-high, wood panelled nubbin.  The nubbin that is my bane.  The panelling came off a treat.  No significant issues, only a bit of dust and some squeaking.  What lay beneath, however, is a different story.  To be continued…