Two busy days in a row results in two short posts in a row.  I expect to be back to a more normal schedule tomorrow.

We took a run to IKEA today.  We’ve been thinking about buying a new bed for some time and today the stars were auspicious.  We picked out a Mandal bed with drawers underneath and set it up.  I took a look through the As-Is section and grabbed a coule of white cabinet doors and several sofa legs.  I’m going to make a monitor riser and laptop stand for the office that look a little nicer than the pile of books that is serving that purpose right now.\

Our new bed is very, very tall.  It comes nearly to my waist.  I am hoping never to fall out of it.  The drawers underneath mean that we can take one of the dressers out of this room and put it in the spare room.  We may have additional boarders next year and it would be nice if there was a place where they could store their socks.

cherry flavoured antacids