This week’s feature is on the Southridge Community Church worship band(s), Spillover Music.  The worship leader, Tom Loewen has written some amazing lyrics and music (songs, I suppose they’re called).  A great many of them are available to listen to at the Southridge music site.  Our worship minister, Josh, gets together with Tom every now and again and usually comes away with a new song or two that he then adapts and arranges for acapella-style singing.  We’re working on one right now that Tom wrote last summer just as the economy was starting to tank.  It’s called “Bigger Than…” and we will be teaching it to the congregation this coming Sunday night.

Josh worked out an arrangement for it last week and he and I played it together on Saturday to teach the rest of the praise team.  We’ve done several of the Spillover songs.  Beyond All Reason is on the Resurrection Day album (more of a single, I guess) and Hope of the World is on the (appropriately titled) Hope of the World CD.

I think the CDs can be purchased at the Southridge building.  They have a recording studio right in the basement of the building (Andy Tallman is doing a sort of intern thing there) and they produce a lot of their own media.  If anybody’s interested, I could probably swing by and grab a copy of anything they might have on offer.

to all who walk in the darkness