I got together with Andy T and Chad tonight for a jam session.  Andy’s written a whack of songs (I think about six) and we were playing them tonight.  I got to try out my new bass for real as well (albeit through a 10W, 6″ diameter speaker guitar practice amp).I haven’t played music seriously with other people in close to (egad) ten years.  Dan, Jon, Richard and I played together as a band with no vocalist, name or original songs for about 6 months in 1998.  We practiced at the old Waterloo church building and a couple of times at Jon & Richard’s house.  I distinctly recall taking over on bass because neither Jon nor Richard could maintain a particularly steady beat for very long (Jon being on drums).  Richard moved to rhythm guitar which is somewhat less important to the overall sound of the band.  Nice texture, can be played at just about any tempo.

We did some recording (playing into a very beat-up old tape deck that just happened to be in the living room where we were practicing).  I’m almost certain no records remain of the atrocities we perpetrated on Matt Good’s Apparitions or Treble Charger’s Red.  I think we may also have taken a stab at RCHP’s Scar Tissue, but that is best lost to the mists of time.  Dan at one point broke his wrist Rollerblading or playing hockey or something, so we switched things up a little.  Apparently  he could drum but couldn’t play guitar, so I played lead on ‘Got You Where I Want You’ by The Flys, Rich went back to bass and Jon ‘played’ second guitar and ‘sang.’  He was… not a gifted singer, let us say.

Tonight was much better than that.  I’m starting to redevelop my index finger blisters and my right hand is toughening up and probably won’t bruise next time I play (I got rather… enthusiastic at one point and tried for some slap-style bass.  Not a terribly good idea overall).  Andy and Chad are getting together to put down some tracks on Thursday and then I’ll actually have something with which to practice.

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