I have returned!  We spent the weekend in Ottawa, Montreal and Québec City supervising a crew of students.  It was mostly a lot of fun.  I learned something important about myself while we were there.The hotel we stayed at in Québec City had mirrors set up in a sort of C shape (a bit like |__| in fact).  As I peered into infinity in this set up, I noticed how pink the back of my head has become.

I have been feeling a bit of a draft in the crown region of my head for some time now but didn’t think too much of it.  A cursory run of the hands through the dead cells revealed a thinning, definitely, but I didn’t realize the extent of the problem until just now.  The fact that I haven’t had a hair cut since mid-January made things much more pronounced.  A lack of hair is thrown into sharp relief by the presence of 3″ long hair all around it.

I have always had a long forehead.  The Harris family is noteworthy for having a ‘fivehead’ and I was no exception.  I’ve noticed the sides creeping backward but as the top typically covered it up, I thought little of it.  This weekend was my breaking point.  I am kind of grossed out by people who are clearly balding but still try to have long hair and either comb it around to make things less obvious or (worse still) just have long hair everywhere but the place where there is no hair.

Shortly after we got married, Amy and I bought a hair cutting kit with a set of clippers, some scissors and various-gauge clipper attachments.  This was initially so I could keep my beard in decent trim but for several years I also trimmed Amy’s hair.  That $30 kit has paid for itself many times over and did so again today as I put the #2 clipper attachment to work and reduced the mop to more of a scrub brush look.  The results speak for themselves:


freshly shorn

it is cold in ontario even in april

it is cold in ontario even in april

twitch and i salivate