I am not exactly a fashion plate.  I don’t think anybody would use the term ‘clothes horse’ to describe me except perhaps in the negative sense (ie. “Man, Adam is definitely not a clothes horse).  I don’t think I’ve bought new clothes (apart from a couple of Toothpaste For Dinner t-shirts) in at least two years, apart from what follows.When Maegan and Paul got married, I had opportunity to buy a new suit.  I went to Moores (same place where I bought my other suit) and got a rather nice summer-weight tan suit with beige and light blue pin stripes.  I do not wear suits terribly often but I enjoy doing so when I do.  I wore this suit to work today primarily to mess with my boss’s head.  One of Amy’s reactions to the new haircut and beard was that I need to start dressing a little snappier.  The old golf shirts and beat-up jeans do not quite work.  My boss’s reaction was, “whoa.  Are you going for a job interview?”

My other relatively recent clothing purchase was at RW&Co.  This is one of Amy’s favourite stores.  We go in nearly every time we pass one by because they have a lot of really nice, professional women’s clothing and she is a really nice, professional woman.  I usually peruse the men’s side of the store but I don’t really consider myself metrosexual enough to shop there and mean it.  They often have nice shirts but my crazy three-foot-long monkey arms do not lend themselves well to buying shirts at normal people stores.  Even shirts labelled as ‘tall’ or ‘long arm’ are usually 1-2 inches too short for me.  Right now I believe I have two long-sleeve shirts that fit properly.

I usually take a moment to look at the clearance rack at most stores because I have found a few great buys there.  The Reitman’s family of stores (of which RW&Co. is one) has a policy of reducing the prices on everything until somebody buys them.  This means that something that comes into the store at, say, $58 will gradually have the price reduced and then reduced some more.  I was fortunate on this particular day to come across a pair of pants that had been much marked down.  They were $0.95.  I stopped someone and asked her if it was a misprint and she confirmed that the price marked was the price asked.  They were in my size so I grabbed them.  I figured that even if I cut them up for rags, that was a pretty decent price for rags.  I think I have recieved more compliments on those pants than any other piece of clothing I own.  It is also a heck of a conversation starter.  “Hey, guess what?  The gum I’m chewing cost more than the trousers I’ve got on.”

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