Today’s featured artist is by no means whatsoever any kind of new group.  I got a stack of records from my brother-in-law shortly after Christmas (my parents gave me a turntable) and one was New Order’s Substance double LP.  Most people have heard a couple of New Order songs and I would like to present a few to you today.

New Order formed out of the ashes of Joy Division in the early 80’s after Ian Curtis (the lead singer of Joy Division) committed suicide.

Blue Monday is one of their most popular songs.  You may have heard the Orgy cover (this was my first exposure to the song).  I prefer the original.  Apparently the bassist came in at the wrong time during the recording but it was one of those happy accidents that adds more to the song than would have been there had it been done ‘right.’

As previously noted, I really like remixes and this is one of my favourites of all time which just happens to be a New Order cover.  You may have heard it before.  It’s the music playing during the rave in the slaughterhouse near the beginning of the first Blade movie.

The video is not exactly exciting.

The final video for today is another of their very well-known songs, Bizarre Love Triangle.

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