I got to watch Mythbusters for a couple of hours this afternoon (access to a satellite-connected TV is one of the few perqs of supervising the dorm over long weekends).  I was only really passingly familiar with the show but had never really sat down to watch it.  I really need to stop watching it because it is making me want cable so hard.

If you’ve never watched it, it’s more or less a group of people who set out to prove or disprove various urban legends, movie special effects and pretty much anything else that occurs to them (or to their writers).  Today was an extended length show featuring various movie driving stunts and effects.  I picked it up right in time to watch them crash two transport trucks into each other at highway speeds.  They were trying to establish if it was plausible for the two trucks to crash with a compact car in between them and to have the car smashed completely and the trucks fuse together.  They were able to smash up the car and then they took things to New Mexico to test the car against a rocket-powered sled.  I think I missed my true calling.

I wish that there were a way to pick and choose individual channels for cable and pay only per channel.  I would select Teletoon, the Comedy Network, Discovery Channel and CBC.  Maybe TSN around Olympics time.  I wish Canada had something like Hulu.  It would make it much easier to follow current shows.  We’ve watched House as it comes out on DVD but it would be nice to be able to watch things as they come out rather than having to spend 6 months avoiding spoilers.