I typically carry around two notebooks on any given day.  They are of very different character.

The larger (and significantly more expensive) of the two is my notebook computer.  I use a Dell Vostro 2510 which I’ve just had a quick look for on Dell’s site.  Apparently they no longer produce them which makes mine a little bit special.  It’s red.  It only ever came in red.  I don’t think I know anybody else with a red computer so it is pretty neat.  The guts of it are a 2.0 GHz dual core processor, 3 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive and an Nvidia 8400M GS 256 MB video card.  It does rather a good job of running Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 2 (the two games I’m into heavily right now).  I was going to recommend it to other people but, as noted, Dell no longer sells it.  I think they’ve probably just rolled it into the 1510 or 1520 line.

The other notebook is a more traditional sort of thing.  It’s a Xonex rü notebook in chocolate brown.  I picked up a three pack for the same price as a single Moleskine notebook of comparable size (though lacking the cachet of the Moley brand name).  I got a square ruled (graph paper), standard lined and unlined, all in the same colour.  The lined is being used as a fuel and maintenance log in the car and I just finished up using the square ruled book at the beginning of April.  I am really liking the blank pages of the unlined book and I don’t imagine I will go back to ruled pages any time soon.  I use it to keep to do lists, notes on sermons or things I hear on the radio and I’ve done a bit of drawing.  I’m keeping a calendar in the back few pages as well.  The rü books have a pocket in the back (where I kept my library card until fairly recently) and I’ve added a few things.  I stapled in a piece of ribbon to use as a book mark and glued a small piece of sandpaper into the back cover that I can use to sharpen my sketching pencil (which is really a Staedtler drafting lead holder).  I’ve also pasted a small calendar (apart from the one I’m keeping in the back pages, this one has just the dates with no space to write anything) in for quick/easy reference (especially when I want to know what day of the week somebody’s birthday will be).

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