Once again, something from Facebook via the incomparable Richard and the even more incomparable Amy:

A – Age: Old enough to know better (27)
B – Bed size: Queen (secure in my masculinity)
C – Chore you hate: Until I moved into this house I probably would have said lawn mowing but over the past week or so I have found a strange satisfaction in making my own yard look relatively neat and well kempt.  I suppose bathroom cleaning has now come to the top of the list.
D – Dog(s) name: Depends on the dog.  If it were a Yorkshire terrier, Killer.  If it were a Great Dane, Mini-Me.
E – Essential to start your day: Cereal.  Basically every day since I started on solid foods.  Nearly any kind except for Life cereal.  That stuff is basically pre-soggy.
F – Favorite color: Blue.  No, yelloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
G – Gold or Silver: Silver to match my eyes.
H – Height: Tall enough that I am in that zone where people compare me to other tall people they know in some kind of competition.  My driver’s license says 188cm but I think I’m actually closer to 190.
I – Instruments you play: Guitar, bass guitar and bass vocals.  I used to play the viola but never very well.
J – Job title: Architectural Technologist.  Duties include: answering the phone, writing letters, systems and network admin, technical support, washroom cleaning, mopping, vacuuming and if I get a minute, the occasional spot of drafting.
K – Kids: Not as of yet, apart from my three sons.
L – Living arrangements: 4 bdrm 1.5 bath spacious bungalow on generous lot. Many upgrades incl. roof (2005), furnace (2003) and most windows. Call for appt. to view!
M – Mom’s name: Marg.  Not much to embroider or comment on here.  I think it means “pearl” which is kind of nice.
N – Nicknames: AJ, and really only my late grandfather called me that with any frequency.
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Not quite but a rather late one at the end of grade seven.  I was wrestling after church and somebody five years my junior managed to break my arm.
P – Pet Peeve: Poorly executed left-hand turns.  If it’s two lanes going your way, you turn into the left-hand lane.  It is honestly not that difficult.  Double bonus pet peeve: People who make a wide left turn ending up in the right-hand turn lane and then quickly switching lanes back to the left.  If you had done it right in the first place, you wouldn’t have to make a panicky lane change without looking or signalling.
Q – Movie Quote: The fru-its of the Dev-eel
R – Right or left handed: Right
S – Siblings: Two sisters, three brothers-in-law, two sisters-in-law.
T – Time you wake up: Weekdays between 6:30 and 7:30, typically.  Weekends anywhere from about 7:30 to 11:00.
U – Underwear – Uh… yes?  Typically?
V – Vegetable you dislike: Lima beans.  But shhhh don’t tell Doreen.
W – Ways you run late: For about a month after it came out, Portal made me late for work nearly every day.  Be wary of addictive puzzle games.
X – X-rays you’ve had: Just the arm as outlined under O above.
Y – Yummy food you make: Egg in a blanket.  Basically it is an omelette wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  It was invented when we had no bread for toast.  I typically fry or I guess more sauté together a whole bunch of vegetables and a small amount of chicken (using it as a seasoning rather than the main event) then set aside.  Cook the omelettes over a medium heat (add a little bit of water to make them fluffier) and add the veggie/chicken mix and a small amount of cheese (basically just enough to get the omelette to stick together somewhat).  Decant this into your waiting wrap (which should be warmed in the microwave and spread with a bit of cream cheese for maximum flavour/texture) and enjoy.
Z -Zoo favourite: The Waterloo Park zoo had, for some time, several racoons on display.  I assumed at the time that they were an exhibit but looking back it’s possible that they just sort of broke into one of the cages and made a home of it.  I believe at one time or another that zoo had several small bears, a llama and possibly a cow.  Not all in the same enclosure, or at least not for long.

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