Today I will be tackling the rigidly enforced rhythm of haiku.  I would like to share a series of haiku (haikus? haikai? anyway, more than one) on the general theme of people I see near my office.

Sick Kids’ Hospital Fundraisers

Oh, you fundraisers
Standing in the rain with your
Clipboards, pens and vests

Everyone passing
Tries to avoid eye contact
"Please ask someone else"

Enormously Fat Woman (and Daughter)

Spherical woman
You walk so very slowly
Five minutes to pass

Why do you and your
Rotund daughter choose to fight
Loudly by our door?

Parking Enforcement

I know you wanted
To be a real officer
but here you are, not

Don’t take it out on
People who simply want to
Pick up some pitas

Bar Across the Street

No matter how much
You play loud Uncle Kracker
He still sounds awful

something lost and never seen