One of the things that came with our new house that we really didn’t expect was a really large and nicely set up garden.  Here is a picture of part of the rear garden from earlier in June:

that's a potato planter in the back The front garden is also rather pretty.  We have these pink flowers:

bonus points to anybody who figures out what they're called

And also these purple flowers, unimaginatively named lavender:

i mean honestly, 'lavender' they should have just called them 'purple' and have done with it

Right at the corner of the front garden we have a large Japanese maple:

domo arigato mr. treebotoAnd down to the right of that we have some really interesting greenery:

hold up a second that's not a shrub Wait, hang on.  Something in there is not a plant.  Not a plant at all in there amongst the petals and leaves (hint: top middle).

dinner timeIt is not just one or two, but three kittens and their mom (and, as it turned out later, their dad, too).   As you can see above we are interrupting them at their evening meal.  After a few pictures, both adult cats got scared off but the kittens were still sitting there underneath some tulips or lilies or something.

they look kind of scared

let's call this one 'thom yorke'It’s hard to get close to them to get good pictures because they sort of hiss and try to bite (though they don’t make much noise and sort of fall over).trouble and... also trouble One of the adult cats left us the gift of half a dead mouse near our back door about a week ago so we have a pretty good idea of how they’re managing to subsist.  Amy’s mum came by to have a look at them and she brought over a bit of cat food that we’ve put out with water for the parents.  We’re going to see if they stick here after we’ve scared the figurative pants off of them and then maybe call the Humane Society.  There’s a by-law in town here that cats aren’t allowed out without a leash and we don’t want to get dinged with a fine for these strays.

In the meantime though, they’re extremely cute:

They are a bit like World Vision children.  They are so cute you just want to take them home but really the best thing you can do for them is equip their parents better.

the end! your highbrow, marxist ways