As Adam posted after we got back, a few months ago we went to see the Weakerthans in concert.  I was ecstatic as they are one of my four bands to see before I die.  That brings the list down to Weezer, Radiohead and The Tragically Hip, although as a sidebar RIM very nearly paid for me to see the hip.  They threw a free concert for their employees and I went with a buddy.  Traffic was bad on the 427 and I arrived after their set was over and only saw Van Halen.  Not exactly a consolation on the most crushing day of your life.  I very nearly cried right there in the street.  For the Weakerthans we arrived a little tight for time and I wasn’t about miss the headliners for my death list bands.  I was stuffed into the back of my roomate’s Yaris with my friends Dan and Kathleen and in my haste to exit the vehicle I somehow got my foot stuck on the passenger seat belt.  The seat belt extended as these things are designed to do until it reached the limit of its extension.  At that point I reached the limit of my balance and proceeded to tumble to the ground.  My forward momentum carried right on as my physics textbook said it would and I found myself rolling down the parking garage floor.  It wasn’t just my friends laughing, even the other people parking their cars were having a good chuckle.  If I were someone less prone to find the funny (and more interested in what people thought of him) that moment could have easily ruined the whole concert for me.  Instead I leap up, did a gymnastics pose and joined in the mirth.  Frankly it was hilarious.