Good afternoon from scenic and damp Lunenburg (note: by the time you read this we will probably be in Cape Breton or possibly PEI due to the magic of the internet and post-dated posts).  Turns out it can rain for a solid week after all.  Who knew?!   Our campsite here is right on the ocean so the view between the raindrops is lovely but the wind is fierce.  I’m going to toss up a couple excerpts from my ongoing trip journal with a little additional commentary:

July 18/09 – Stopped in Trenton for breakfast with cousin Tom, his wife Kim and their kids.  Mary (eldest, 5ish) asked Amy, “Did you used to babysit us when we were little toddlers?” Amy: “No” Mary: “Do you know who did?”  Matthew (younger):  “I used to be three.  Now I’m four.  Next I’ll be five AND THEN I’LL BE A HUNDRED!” …  Ontarion drivers are really aggressive and jerky.  Maritimers tend to be slow and thoughtful.  French Canadians drive like erratic lane changes are guaranteed alongside distinct culture and language … C [brother-in-law, name shortened to save time when writing more than for reasons of privacy] had a red squirrel (size of a chipmunk, shape of a squirrel) jump onto his arm and scratch him up some.  He’ll survive but now he’s given it a taste for human flesh which cannot be slaked.  We’ll wake up dead in our beds tomorrow and the only clue the ranger will find is a 2″ diameter shredded hole in each tent and possibly some bloody sunflower seeds.

July 22/09  – KD in the general store at this campground is $2.75/box.  Propane cylinders are $9.50.  It’s a bit like being on board a ship as there is not much option in where you go to get stuff … I managed to cut myself skipping stones.  It’s a bit of a gash across my right index finger.  I’m almost hoping it heals a little bit crooked so my fingerprint is slightly off just because I think that would be neat … There is a family across the gravel path from us that is all the way from Saskatchewan.  They managed to get here more or less in one piece with three fairly little girls.  I salute them.

July 23/09 –  Frommer’s calls Blue Rocks “as scenic as Peggy’s Cove without the tour buses.”  This statement is half right.  I can’t imagine a tour bus navigating any of the roads we drove down to get there … It turns out I like fish after all.  Particularly when it’s very fresh and basically the only thing I have eaten in a day … We have a sort of standing agreement between the four of us that nobody goes into any bookstores because two cars is not possibly enough to carry all that we might buy.