After a quick flurry of activity this evening, I have 222 fonts installed on my computer (counting various italics and bolds and things).  Right now I’m working on the aforementioned sermon series logo and I am trying very hard to find just the right font to go with the u/n that I’ve drawn up using Inkscape.  I may have an option for picking up Illustrator, Photatoshop and possibly Flash for relatively inexpensively which will help me out quite a bit.

When it comes to font selection, I am probably unreasonably picky.  I’m looking for a sans-serif face that’s got good strong verticals but also is fairly wide and then a serif’d font for some other aspects.  I’ve had good luck in the past finding stuff on dafont and so I am likely to continue my searching there.  Does anybody have any tips or pointers for managing as many fonts as I’ve got?  I would like to break them down into various tagged categories so I can look at all my serif or sans, or grungey or whatever looks all at once and not have to scroll all the way through a giant list.

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