It is absolutely remarkable what one can convince people to do if one is noisily excited about it.  Yesterday evening we had Paul over post-service and talk turned to the youth group that Amy ran (with my inexpert assistance) when we went to the church of Christ in Waterloo (a quick note about that site: They don’t seem to be updating or maintaining that site too much these days, likely because the webmaster’s wife just had a baby under extreme conditions.  If you look at the banners at the top of the page you will see me several times as well as Amy and quite a lot of other people who either no longer attend or never actually went there.  Also the regular coC site for Waterloo has gone off into the aether).

We had an extremely limited supplies budget and for many activities it consisted of what we had around the house.  Eventually we added a handful of balls and some hula hoops to our supply cupboard but things started off pretty simple.  We played some Progressive Dodgeball (after buying the balls to do so) but we had another couple of games.

One evening we needed something to happen for a few minutes while Amy set up another activity and so I shouted THIS IS A REPEATING GAME (a reference to several call and answer camp songs) and started to run around like a madman.  I eventually got about 15 kids between 12 and 15 following me like ducks in a line and doing as I did.  Fifteen people will run in a figure eight pattern for ten minutes if one shouts at them and acts as though this is the most exciting turn of events all week.

One of Amy’s finest hours of game organization was the Great Canadian Sock Event (or possibly Derby).  This was effectively an obstacle course (using the entire church building) wherein the point is to get through as quickly as possible and not get hit by many thrown, balled socks.  We brought our entire collection of socks for this event.  It was the finest combination of obstacle courses, dodgeball and fun with ballistic clothing that has ever been seen east of the Pecos.

you’d say i’m putting you on