I’m headed back to a more-or-less Internet-free zone for the evening and so I wanted to toss this up briefly.  This is something I’ll be working on this week and will develop a more fully fleshed-out look at the process but for now, here is a little piece of concept art/sketch for the upcoming BCC series entitled “The Upside-down Kingdom”

 turretty, kinda

I like to start out with rough sketch work in either pencil (above) or pen (below): not sold on this yet, that's why we call it 'concept art'

I did both of these in my xonex (which is getting perilously low on blank pages and needs serious thought devoted to its replacement), the pencil one with a Lee Valley Mechanical Pencil (that my aunt gave me to use and, I thought, to keep though in retrospect I may have assumed too much) and the ink with my Duke Beijing Opera Mask fountain pen.  I’ll be doing the development of the design into a proper logo using Inkscape to do the vector work (or Illustrator if somebody feels like buying it for me.  Hint hint).

someone like you