A couple of people have asked me in the last little while what they can do to support the site so I thought I’d give a couple ideas. The biggest thing you can do is share a comic that you find funny. There’re a bunch of tools right underneath this post that make it pretty easy to throw stuff up on Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook and a couple other sites. If there’s one missing that you really like and want to use, let me know and I can very probably add it. Another thing you can do is visit regularly. I update every day so there will always be a new thing to look at.

As far as the advertising banners above and to the right, go ahead and click on them if they interest you. I don’t get paid per click or anything like that and a lot of the time they’re for other independent artists or crafts-people who would like to show you their stuff. I make more from selling prints than from the adverts at this point, so buying stuff is a pretty good way to support me as well. I’m thinking about making some merchandise one of these days, maybe through spreadshirt or cafepress or a similar print-on-demand site in order to keep overhead low. I am also planning to get some greeting cards out this year, probably even in time for Christmas mailings (say around September), so keep an eye out for that.