Well, pretty nearly. I think there may be more than 500. Anyway, 551 days since I started updating every day, and that calls for a celebration, or at least a giveaway!

I tried this some time last year and got a pretty decent response, so let’s have another go. I’m going to do another custom piece of drawing for the winner based on their suggestion. There are three ways to enter:

  1. You get one entry for commenting on this here post.
  2. You get one entry for being a fan on the Facebook. If you are already a fan, you are already entered to win (how wonderful for you).
  3. You get one entry for each Tweet about the contest (tag it with #peticontest so’s I can find it, maximum of 3 entries via Twitter because nobody likes flooders).
  4. You get one entry for following me on Tumblr. (If you’re already following, you’re already entered!)
  5. Make a post on your blog that links back to this post and maybe talks about the comics a bit (This is good for 3 entries even if it’s just a link to the post).

The drawing will be on a piece of bristol board that’ll measure roughly 11″x11″ and be suitable for framing, if that is your idea of fun. It’ll probably be black ink unless whatever you like lends itself better to another colour. If that’s too big, I can do it smaller. It will be original and one of a kind and it won’t get posted as a comic for super-specialness. If framed artwork is not your cup o’ tea, I will instead make up two greeting cards for people or events of your choice. They will be roughly a  half-sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ fancy paper.

Contest closes on April 15th so you’ve got two weeks to get cracking. This is totally not an April Fool’s joke because I hate April Fool’s.